The sewing unit FX 3300-IX is the economy version for sewing side seams and inseams.

The compact design is especially suitable for the universal use in the production of sportswear trousers.

Due to the pneumatically moveable edge guide it is possible to trim the excess lengths of pocket bags. 
With edge guide pneumatically moveable edge guide (Zippy). For trimming the extra lengths of pocket bags in sportswear trousers.

The new control panel with touch screen and colour graphic display simplifies the programming considerably and allows a quick access

to all parameters while programming and sewing. Sewing unit FX 3300-IX is the economy version of class FX 4300-IX without preparation table.

It is not only suitable for the production of classic trousers but also for casual wear, as e. g. cotton trousers, ”Dockers”, ”Chinos” and ”US-Style” trouser

Sewing head: Pegasus EXT 3216-03

Integrated Efka 550 W Mini Stop DC Servo Sewing Motor

Short table, Machine frame with adjustable height providing the possibility of working from the front

Beijer , Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen with colour graphic display for easy operation and quick access to modifiable parameters

Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming

Top palette carrier with step engine controller moving the work to the stacker

Guide attachment for contours (Zippy)

Vertical cutter with suction device

Chain separator with suction device

Feature to operate with all sides in order/cycle programming

PLC Control Unit

Thread cutting and suction at stitch beginning and end Air blowing units over the counter provides the easy flow of fabric to the back

Pneumatic fabric holding piston guiding the work flow to the stacker

Graphic program for using the lower-upper fullness on desired places

Constant seam width due to precise contour guidance (Zippy)

Perfect fit due to partial fullness operation in the upper and lower material ply with step motor control

Equipment for manual sewing in the hip curve section (when processing side seam pockets and wing pockets)

Special sewing set for trousers side seams with side seam pockets

Closing and serging can be executed in one operation

Very easy programming more flexibility

Universal Stacking (Standard)

Control, freely programmable

Blowing nozzles in the table top for facilitating the material feed

Yarn waste compartment