Automatic serging of trousers. The sewing unit SS 4300-IX with

Pegasus EXT 5214 offers excellent solutions for the rational serging of front and hind trousers parts.

Pegasus EXT 5214 three thread overlock machine head  

Long version Machine, Chassis with adjustable height providing the possibility of working from the side

Beijer , Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen Control Panel

Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming

Feature to operate with all sides in order/cycle programming

PLC Control Unit

Efka 550 W Mini Stop DC Servo Sewing Motor Stitching start automatic photocell feeding

Thread cutting and suction at stitch beginning and end

Fabric edge guide with silencer which can perfectly pass the gasket joints in the front and back panel ( Zippy) Guiding metal sheet with pneumatic movement guiding the work flow to the stacker Air blowing units over the table top provides the easy flow of fabric to the back.

Fabric holder piston

Fast stacker with air blow adaptable to denim work

Short instruction times due to easy handling

Extra working table

Yarn waste compartment