GG 5100 Tapes can be attached to jacket Chest Canvas. With a low work input this automatic unit guarantees high quality combined with high efficiency .The machine is equipped with a tape feeding device, tape cutter, thread trimmer and the option to predetermine the seam length. The tape feeding device guarantees reliable tape feeding.

  • Maier 251 Sewing Head with spring-loaded rib shaft/plunger
  • EFKA 550 W Mini Stop DC or Direct Drive DC Servo Sewing Motor
  • PLC Control Unit
  • Pneumatic Feeding and cutting device of tape
  • Automatic thread trimming and cleaning system at the end of sewing
  • Automatic Foot lifting
  • Button Controlled tape feeding unit lifting station to feed thread
  • Circular table for easy fabric stitch flow
  • Height-adjustable triangular machine frame enabling front operation