The machine JK 9300 is designed for sewing waistbands of medium heavy to
heavy material such as jeans, working pants, Sport pants and Skirts

FBX 1104P KANSAI WAISTBAND,1/4-1-1/4 1/4-5/4-1/4 1/4-6/4-1/4
Beijer , Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch Screen Control Panel
Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming
An ability to operate on different belt measures by programming a serial or circle mood
PLC Control Unit
AB 321 Efka Servo Electronic Motor
Programming options from Display as curved or straight Belt By exchanging the rollers,
the divided puller permits the production of women’s jeans (curved waistbands) and men’s jeans (straight waistbands)
A practical solution to Additional place adjustment in double belt
Adjustable waistband tool set between 25mm-50mm
High-performance automatic work station for processing waistband material off the reel
The entire sewing and cutting cycle may be programmed: protrusion of the waistband, skipped stitches, start and stop of the waistband.
Automatic Foot Lift
Air Pressure System of Puller
Puller System after  the Knife
Puller with shock absorber System
Automatic double thread tension system for preventing any sewing submersion
Needle Cooler
A height-adjustable  frame in form of triangle, ensuring to do work from front
Cutting Blade width of  75 mm
Max-Speed 3200 rpm

Extra Reference Laser

1700 —2500 Waistband / 8 Hours

Lenght : 85 cm  
Width  : 105 cm
Height : 120 cm
Packing Size : 127 cm x 89 cm x 145 cm
Machine Net Weight : approx. 135 kg
Machine Gross Weight : approx. 165 kg