Full- Automatic Bottom Hemming Machine PC 6000-IX
For Jeans, Casual pants, Working pants, etc.
Self-compensating right fabric tension mechanism adjusts to inconsistencies in hem
diameter. Accurate start and finish of sewing by sensor provides exact positioning of
hem joint. Overlapping of hem joint start and finish seam can be programmed from
control panel. Operators can focus on next piece while the machine is sewing. It can
improve productivity and release working pressure.
The sewing head design allows converting the machine from Metal gear to plastic gear
or pallet Puller system and vice versa, in case of changing fabric quality. No need to
buy a new machine. With some additional parts and a couple minutes of adjusting and
you are ready to work on different fabrics.
Adjustable stitch length from control panel eliminates the need to mechanical
change of gears.
Adjustable stitch edge inside of the hem

Lock stitch direct Drive Sewing Head
Beijer Electronics, Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen 
Control Panel, With Images, Easy to Use, With 50 Different Programming
Makes working on different cuff sizes in order / by Cycle Programming
PLC Control Unit
With 750 w Motor Controlled Upper Pulling Palette-transport System
Sensor system to detect the thickness of fabric automatically
Through the panel programmable condensing Stitch and Stitch-length at stich-start and stitch-end
With the assistance of the sensor, ability to perform very sensitive work from the panel, detects the start-finish across the hem joint
Possibility of folding and sewing between 135 mm – 500 mm trouser leg bottoms
Automatic thread cutting at the end of stitch and cleaning system
Automatic foot lifting
Error Detecting Systems
Thread monitor

Extra Reference Laser
Vacuum Motor
Pallet Puller
Different gear

3500 - 4000 trouser bottoms/480 Minutes
Lenght : 110 cm 
Width  : 65 cm
Height : 125 cm
Packing Size : 127 cm x 89 cm x 145 cm
Machine Net Weight : approx. 150 kg
Machine Gross Weight : approx. 180 kg