Automatic short seamer QX 9300-IX for darts and waistband pleats.
Darts and pleats play an important role for the fit and for the overall visual
appearance of trousers. Consistent quality and economic processing on a machine
that is easy to operate. The QX 9300-IX short seam automatic sewing machine
meets this requirement


Brother Direct Drive Sewing Head
Beijer Electronics , Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen Control Panel
Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming
Sequential/Cycle Program operation for different pleat and dart models
PLC Control Unit
Teco  (WestingHouse)  AC Servo Motor& Driver controlled Clamp unit
Programmable start and end back tack or optionally adjustable stitch condensing
Sewing of different seam types in any desired sequence, so e.g. different darts and
waistband pleats can be set on the same machine
Excellent quality; high repeating accuracy; seams and pleats with exact measurements.
Only brief instructions required due to the simple and operator-friendly handling
Darts are sewn from the fabric edge to the point. This ensures a slim, neat point with no untidy “dimples”
Fixing-needles-system: To assure the sliding of the folded fabric
Sandwich Clamp System with compressing setup between conveyor sheets to prevent fullness while sewing
All types of seams up to 250 mm seam length
Automatic thread trimming and cleaning system at the end of sewing
Height-adjustable machine frame enabling side-operation
Error Detecting Systems
Thread monitor