The ROBOTECH FF 6100 – TR/ZP is a sewing system that can process all prevalent straight and slanted pocket openings with integrated endless zipper. Simple operation and high productivity.

Brother Model C series direct-drive Needle transport lock stitch sewing head

Beijer Electronics, Windows Bused 256 Million Colour Supported Touch Control Panel

Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming and Cycle Operation Possibilities

PLC Control Unit Westing House/Teco AC Servo Motor & Driver Controlled Clamp Unit

Efka 550 W Mini Stop DC or Direct Drive DC Servo Sewing Motor Linear Motor

Controlled Middle Knife System Laser Photocell System

Measuring the Size of the Pockets flaps and Sewing them

Front-Middle-Rear .Four Laser Reference Lines for stitch control

Pocket Welt length sizes from 20 mm to 200 mm

Step Motor Controlled Moving Corner Knife System (6100/6200 series)

Corner Knives and Connection Unit providing 3 Dimensional Adjustments

Programmable start and end back tack or optionally adjustable stitch condensing

With double and single welt pocket device

Automatic change system for quick attachment replacement (single/double welt)

Holder-clamp for Pocket Flap and Pocket Bag on Right or Left

Lifting opportunity of the Sewing Head for Easy Maintenance by the Technician

Automatic thread Cutting System in the Beginning and End of Seam

Upper Thread Monitor and Bottom Thread Monitor

Micro Adjustment Unit for Right-Left Gramer

Changeable Needle-bar, Stitch-plate and sheet-plate set between 6 mm and 36 mm